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Well , this is a theme that is often eagerly awaited by parents and also

Well , this is a theme that is often eagerly awaited by parents and also often many parents complained . " Why did my son Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murahs love to learn , to play all day wrote ," complained one mother who attended diseminar me . The reader , Do you believe that our true human life is a learner ? But we often deliver unpleasant treatment when the child learns ( unconsciously) even before we too may be given the wrong stimulation so that learning is not fun .
For example , when we are infants and children aged 1 year . He wanted to include all the stuff that he can hold in his mouth , right ? Well most people do when it is said " uh ... it's dirty , guns may be " pulling the item . This is actually the basic behavior when a child is learning . Then when she started to walk , started wanting to know more about the environment , the more the prohibition issued by a parent or caregiver . Maybe because tired babysitting all day , so many restrictions issued . Though this is their desire to know ( learn ) more, filling a database in his brain is still empty and needs to be filled .
When beginning to speak , asking this and that. "What is this ? Why ? " Response received " LHA had been asked , ask again the basic chatty " possible when the caregivers and parents were tired also when keeping so lazy and tired to give an explanation and this is a child's learning process . There are new items in the home as children want to hold it or to know more closely , then we parents and guardians to keep the goods from him , on the pretext later damaged by Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercayaexpensive goods .
From the above example where this piece was a real experience and some of my clients , who make children lazy learning ?

Next there is an 8 year old boy , let's call it Aji . Her parents are very complained , that his son does not like to learn and have got a warning from the teacher if there is no change in the attitude of the Aji is most likely not the next grade . When met , I believe Aji is a wonderful boy . For a moment I asked about her favorite hobby and while playing , I quickly knew this amazing kid . Because after I asked about his hobbies turns football , and his penchant team is Arsenal ( Premier League ) . And Aji , memorized entire Arsenal first team and reserves , following the coach and his assistants and the players jersey number , birthday , and a list of players goal scorer and assists ( giving feedback ) and point and order the league standings . Crazy , unbelievable ! ( in my heart ) Guns wrong at the hardware ( the brain ) , but the problem is the same software .
The same child , if his brain made ​​lessons learned in school is not working ( counting , memorizing ) but memorized the entire Arsenal player . What is this stupid kid ? Surely you agree with me , the answer is no . This kid is incredible clever . It's just one treatment
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So what I did to change the software in order to be good and is so easy to make children learn ? I fixed that parents first , because for the child 's age Aji , if there is a problem in his life meaning parent will help the child to overcome problems . I teach how to communicate with the child and the nature of the child's mind , and the importance of love menomor united in educating children , all of whom will be very long if I explain here .
Next are tips on how to , our children become diligent and easy to learn and a school .
1 . When the school asked " O dear , what fun today at school ? " Automatic child's brain will look for things that are fun in school and this will indirectly tell the child that school is a happy place .
2 . When children sleep ( Hypnosleep ) , said " more days , learning more fun " , " as well as playing , learning is also great fun " , " easy as pie for you to learn ( math , memorization , etc. ) " .
3 . Explain the benefits of the lessons that are being learned ( according to the child's interests ) eg by learning the multiplication , then later during the holidays to the next grade later you can calculate how much things would you buy in Singapore and you can compare it with the price in Indonesia . If you dominate the conversation in English and you will be very easy to communicate with coaches soccer balls are from Thailand .
4 . Ask the tutor lessons ( if any ) , often say that our kids are great kids and outstanding . Sincere praise and pump up his spirits are much more important than the techniques taught math and memorization fast . Ask for the help of people around including the teachers to improve the self-esteem of our children .
5 . If your child is still young and still like to read out a fairy tale Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia  , fairy tales read to assume her position ( a position comfortable , and easier for us parents to give kisses or hugs dear affection ) the goal that children associate reading with love of parents and the book is it is very fun .
6 . Use a secret letter from parents to children , we can say " son , mother has put a secret letter for you . Just you and your mom knows it . Mother put a pillow under your sleep , read after eating yes " . Its contents can be the words that encourage children in learning and school activities .

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