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YG ripe popular as "tables", in addition to desserts as well as pensuplai nutrition / nutrition, especially vitamin A & C. papaya fruit ripening Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia tender should be treated as a ration such as papaya extract, papaya DODOL. viewed in the food industry papaya is often used as raw material manufacturing (mixer) ie tomato sauce for flavor enhancer, color & vitamins.
In the food industry, its roots can be used as a medicinal cure kidney & bladder pain.
Leaves as medicinal remedies of malaria, stomach cramps & fever. Even young leaves tasty dilalap & to increase appetite, and can cure the disease beri-beri & to arrange the chicken feed.
Young fruit stems & leaves contain a white latex YG containing protein splitting enzyme-called "papaine" up to melunakan meat to be used in cosmetics & beverage industry (clarifier), the pharmaceutical industry & Textile.
Miniate papaya flowers are arranged & white can be used as a "flower necklace" substitute jasmine or often made urap. The bark can be used as cattle feed mixer through the process of slicing & pengeringanu. [Benefits of papaya]
4. SENTRA PLANTING papaya In Indonesia, papaya plants scattered everywhere even has a plant compound. Senrta papaya cultivation in Indonesia West Java province (Sukabumi district), East Java (Malang regency), Pasar Kramat Jati Jakarta, Yogyakarta (Sleman), Central Lampung, South Sulawesi (Toraja), North Sulawesi (Manado).
5. GROWING CONDITIONS papaya 5.1. Climate

Wind takes untukpenyerbukan flowers. Tidakterlalu blustery wind is suitable for plant growth.
Papaya plants thrive in the bush have the legal rainfall 1000-2000 mm / year.
Optimum air temperature 22-26 degrees C.
The humidity is around 40%.
5.2. Planting Media

Frontage to plant papaya is rounder fertile land & lots containing humus. Land should be a lot of hype to withstand water &.
The degree of acidity of the soil (soil pH Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia ) who ideal is neutral with a pH of 6-7.
The water content of the soil is a prerequisite viewed viewed this plant life. Stagnate water can invite fungal diseases of crops withered roots to the vandal (dead). Upon dehydration, the name will tamanan thin, leaf, flower & fruit loss. High ideally not more dead water viewed from 50-150 cm from the ground.

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. Eradication of pests and diseases can use saponin

. Eradication of pests and diseases can use saponin , Brestan 60 , Rotenon and other substances recommended eradication .4 . To increase the productivity of land need fertilizer / organic matter ( compost , etc. ) necessary to stimulate the growth of microorganisms for natural food fry prawns , the use tailored to the carrying capacity of the land :
Bisnis Onlinea. The use of fertilizers :• Manure : 100-200 gr/m2• Urea : 5-10 gr/m2• Fertilizer TSP : 10-20 gr/m2• quicklime : 100-200 gr/m2b . Fertilization aftershocks done every 1-2 Sunday with a dose :• Manure : 25-50 gr/m2• Urea : 3-5 gr/m2• Fertilizer TSP : 5-10 gr/m2c . Charging for water is gradually adjusted to shrimp growth stage ( nursery stage : 30-60 cm , magnification : 1-1.5 m ) . Once the water color stable condition fry can be sown .d . Giving FADs / shelter as shelter / stand , in the form of palm leaves , and palm, bamboo twigs / bamboo sides etc. .5 . Spreading Shrimp :a. Choose good and healthy fry ( both natural and hatchery ) with the following signs ; agile movement , color brown / black bright , uniform size ( homogeneous ) and others .b . Sown fry place that has been prepared eg pond , or directly to the pool maintenance are relieved hamakan before. Spreading should be done in the morning or evening so that the shrimp are not experiencing stress .6 . Density Shrimp :
Fry density adjusted to the recommended technology / business pattern is used :• Spreading fry prawns done by farmers experience with the stocking density for Juvenil size : 10-20 ekor/m2 and to Tokolan density of 5-10 ekor/m2 , given the technology and use patterns are categorized cultivation is still very simple ( traditional ) .

Obat pembesar Penis Vimax• To use technology intensive cropping patterns , the density of fry are stocked around 20 ekor/m2 up , and is highly dependent on the carrying capacity of the land , facility / facilities / infrastructure owned farming skills and capital as well as the ability of farmers .

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Cultivation of sweet corn can be grown in former

Cultivation of sweet corn can be grown in former rice fields directly or can be made ​​beds . If the ex- rice land use , keep the soil is not waterlogged . The pile on corn serves to regulate drainage . Beds can be made with a width of 1 meter and a height of 20-30 cm . Adjust the distance between beds of 30 cm . In one plot can be planted two lines of plants .

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Fertilization basis for organic sweet corn cultivation should be a mixture of chicken manure with cow dung or goat with a 1:1 composition . Chicken manure gave the N levels and more quickly decompose , whereas cow or goat manure richer in K and P. The need for fertilizers with organic methods is about 5 tons per hectare .Planting and care
The most effective planting sweet corn by ditugal . Make the hole as deep as 2-3 cm and then input 2 for corn grain . After that, cover with soil and compost , then flush that soil moisture is maintained. Cultivation of sweet corn seed requirement is 8 kg per hectare .
Spacing on the cultivation of sweet corn is 60-75 cm . Spacing is to follow the ideal population size of plants . Cultivation of sweet corn will Munai good results with keeping the plant population as 34000-37000 plants per hectare .
Tips for successful cultivation of organic sweet cornPest and disease control
Pests that are found in the cultivation of sweet corn borer , among others , cob borer , grasshoppers , aphids and mice . The following properties tanman pests on sweet corn :

Corn borer ( O. furnacalis ) , these pests attacking crops in the vegetative and generative vase . Crop damage occurs because the larvae bored into the trunk of the plant to get food . Corn borer can be controlled by adjusting the rotational cropping technically as with soy and peanuts . Besides it can also cut with the male flowers and apply the appropriate planting time . Biological eradication by utilizing natural enemies such as Trichogramma spp . or natural
Agen Judi Bola predators that prey Euborellia annulata larvae .
Caterpillars Cob ( H. armigera ) , these pests attacking corn cobs . At first imago leave eggs on the hairs of corn . Once the larvae grow will be entered into the cob . These pests have a habit of moving around, so that the damage to the corn cob can be more than the number of larvae .

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Animal Feed Ingredients

Thanks to the content of protein, fat and mineral levels,
Obat pembesar penis vimax earthworms can be used as animal feed such as poultry, fish , crayfish and frogs .
Raw material for medicine and healing ingredients .
Earthworm traditionally believed to ease fever , lower blood pressure, cure bronchitis, rheumatic arthritis, toothache , and typhus .
Cosmetic Raw Materials
Worms can be processed to be used as a skin moisturizer and raw materials manufacture lipstick .
Human food
The worm is a potential source of protein for human consumption included as material as any beef or chicken .

Land as worms live media should contain organic matter in large amounts .
Organic materials can be derived from the soil litter ( leaf drop ) , cattle feces or dead plants and animals . Earthworms love simple materials decompose because it is more easily digested by the body.
For good growth , earthworms need the land to a neutral or slightly acid pH around 6 to 7.2 . With these conditions , the bacteria in the earthworm body work optimally to provide decay or fermentation .
Humidity is optimal for growth and earthworm perkembangbiakan between 15-30 %.
The temperature required for the growth of earthworms and cocoons hatching is around 15-25 degrees C or lukewarm . Temperatures higher than 25 degrees C, the original is still good enough shade and optimal humidity .
Location rearing earthworms cultivated for easy handling and oversight and not exposed to direct sunlight , such as under a shady tree , next to the house or in a specific column ( permanently ) the roof is made ​​of materials that do not make light and keep warm.

Completion of Facility and Equipment
Manufacturing shed should use materials that are cheap and easy to like bamboo , thatch, container board , ijuk and clay tile . One example of a permanent enclosure for large-scale farms are the size of 1.5 x 18 m by 0.45 m high . Made therein tiered shelves as maintenance platforms . Buildings can also shed without walls ( open building ) .
Kontes Seo 2014  Farming system models , among others, remaining shelves , boxes stacked , tiered or fishing rod lined ..
Preparations needed in the cultivation of earthworms is meramu media grows , providing superior seeds , preparing the stables worms and protective enclosures .
Seed Selection Candidate Master