Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The day passed so quickly even though

The day passed so quickly even though I did not take the course at all , I just filled activities in the chemical and metallurgical laboratory for thesis research and physics laboratories for practical assistance to new students . Departure dark dark home because that's my daily research began at 6 am and finish at 10pm assistance , but I live with a sense of fun without coercion because it is my passion activities . End of the trial schedule came out in sakaupoker.com agen poker online texas poker yang terpercaya July , while now it is in May and I have not finished thesis * panic
I was more viable to complete the study quickly perform testing of hardness and microstructure in Polymer Center Puspiptek then to Lab . UNJ for heat testing and Lab . UI testing magnetic properties . I did not complete college lab facilities that require a visit to the other campus labs and spend quite a lot of profit alone was helped by a scholarship PPA . When the test results came out I was immediately able to advance work on the report for the hearing thesis , here we tested the spirit of struggle that started from lecturers waiting for guidance and thesis progress report and revised repeatedly. I cling to that effort will not be in vain and we shall reap the fruit of hope is so sweet at the end of our struggle .
Seconds before the end of the trial , still shocked by the examiner suddenly go to bali services without notice . Here is my lowest point , I actually drop the mental and H - 1 mind when I canceled the possibility of trial . But I truly extraordinary partner continues to evoke and help to find a replacement examiner , I go limp but my friend ( haris ) kept running around the campus looking for a replacement lecturer despite the afternoon which was pretty deserted campus . We started to fight this all resigned and sat brooding in the corner of the campus .
We accidentally met with a professor who after returning from s3 in Russia , we were told all of our problems . And it turns out he was interested and willing to be our examiner because it's the same theme his research in Russia . It's an incredible miracle God gives light street where slaves are kept trying and struggling , I am very grateful and try to focus on tomorrow's hearing .
Judgement day has come , this is the day in which my research for a degree at stake . All preparations have been ripe with friends helped force an incredible help setting up consumption and hearing audience . I try to calm and begin to pray and high confidence . All process and describe the results of my research for 20 minutes but I have to
LigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A Terpercaya  answer the question very much , there are many I can answer because I benefited from this research is fairly new . But there is still a trick question examiner that bit made ​​me mentally down because they can not answer , my advice if you do not know the answer to try to ask for more time looking for answers to these questions instead of making up an answer that could impose themselves .

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