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Cultivation techniques are part of the agribusiness activities

Cultivation techniques are part of the agribusiness activities should be oriented to market demand . Agribusiness paradigm : How to market a product not produced , but how to produce marketable products . Related to that , cultivation techniques should have competitiveness and superior technology . Organic farming can not be managed abroad - random , but must be professional . This means that the business manager should know exactly what he was doing , was able to read the situation and condition as well as innovative and creative . With regard to the market ( market) , agri-business course should be done wi Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercayath good planning and continued , so that the products have been known to dominate the market and set the middlemen even consumers and not vice versa .
Organic farming techniques are cultivation techniques that are safe, sustainable and prosperous farmers and consumers . A variety of vegetables , especially for the high plains , the familiar cultivated with organic farming systems , including : Cabbage ( Brassica var oleraceae . Capitata L. ) , broccoli ( Brassica oleraceae var . Italica Plenk . ) , Cauliflower ( Brassica oleraceae var . Brotritys . ) , endive ( Chicorium endive ) , Lettuce ( Lactuca sativa ) , potato ( Solanum tuberosum L. ) , Carrots . ( Daucus carota ) .
These vegetables , vitamins and fiber that is high enough in addition also contains antioxidants that are believed to inhibit cancer cell . All these crops are grown continuously every week , but there are also several types of plants such as red bean ( Vigna sp . ) , Pig nuts ( Ficia faba ) , mustard ( Brassica sp ) planted at certain times and used as green manure and transferor pests . There are also other plants that are planted to crops reppelent ( repellent ) for example Fennel scent .
2.1 . A Brief History of Spinach ( Amaranthus spp )Spinach is a vegetable that is known by the scientific name Amaranthus spp . The word " amaranth " in Greek means " everlasting " ( eternal ) . Plant spinach comes from the American tropics . Plant spinach originally known as an ornamental plant . In subsequent developments . Spinach plants is promoted as a food source of protein , especially for developing countries . Allegedly spinach plants into Indonesia in the nineteenth cen
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2.2 . Investment centersPlanting spinach in the center of West Java Indonesia is ( 4,273 acres ) , Central Java ( 3,479 acres ) and East Java ( 3,022 acres ) . Other provinces are in the range between 13.0 harvest area - 2,376 acres . In Indonesia, the total harvested area reached 31 981 hectares or spinach ranks 11 out of 18 types of vegetables grown commercially and produced by Indonesia . National product amounted to 72 369 tons of spinach , or an average of 22.63 quintal per hectare .
2.3 . types of PlantsAmaranthaceae family has about 60 genera divided into about 800 species of amaranth ( Grubben , 1976) . In reality, it is the classification of the type of spinach divided into two kinds , namely wild spinach and spinach cultivation . Known wild spinach 2 types , namely soil spinach ( A.blitum L. ) and spiny amaranth ( A. spinosus L. ) . The main characteristic of wild spinach is red stems and leaves are stiff ( coarse ) .
Distinguished two types of spinach cultivation kinds , namely :

Unplug spinach or spinach Sekul ak AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAa white spinach ( A. tricolor L. ) . Traits - traits spinach has a pull rod is colored reddish or whitish green - putihan , and has an interest that came out of axillary branches . Pull the red -stemmed spinach called red spinach , while the so-called white -stemmed white spinach .
Spinach years , the scope of spinach or spinach snapper ( A. hybridus L. ) . Traits - traits it is has a spinach leaf width - the width , which is divided into two species , namely :

hybridus L. caudatus , has a rather long leaves with a pointed tip , reddish green color - crimson or dark red , and the flowers are arranged in a long series collected at the end of the rod .
hibridus paniculatus L. , has a wide base leaves once , green , long wreaths arranged regularly and great - great in the armpit leaves .
Superior varieties of spinach are 7 kinds ; varieties Giri Green , Red Giti , Maksi , King , Betawi , Spades , and Green . While some varieties of spinach are superior pull Cempaka Cempaka 10 and 20 .
2.4 . benefits of PlantsSpinach is an ingredient that is highly nutritious leafy vegetables and loved by all walks of life . Spinach leaves can be made of various vegetables, and even served as a luxury dish ( elite ) . In some developing countries spinach was promoted as a source of vegetable protein , by doubling the nutritional needs and public health services .
Other benefits are as traditional medicine and also for beauty . The roots of red spinach can be used as a cure for sore disentr . Spinach leaves and flowers thorns efficacious for treating asthma and eczema . Even to a certain extent , spinach can overcome various kinds of medicine. For purposes outside of treatment , spinach can be used as an ingredient in cosmetics ( beauty ) . Spinach seeds used for food and medicine - drugs . S Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia pinach seeds can be used as a mixer penyeling wheat in making bread or porridge made ​​of spinach seeds . Spinach seed extract medicinal properties of whiteness and excessive bleeding in women who are menstruating

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