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Watering is done every day on a regular basis

Watering is done every day on a regular basis , ie at the time of the morning at 06:00 to 10:30 and the afternoon begins at 15:00 . The volume of water that is splashed around 0.25-0.5 liters per seedling . Weeding is done by removing JUDI DOMINO, AGEN DOMINO, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA 
the weeds that grow in babybag by hand .
Weeding should be conducted every two weeks . The grass is collected in between beds to dry in the sun ( Sunarko , 2009) .F. FertilizationFor three months in prenursery usually not fertilized seeds . However , if a nutrient deficiency symptoms appear with symptoms such as yellowing leaves , seeds need to be cultivated using pupk N in liquid form . The concentration of urea fertilizer or compound fertilizer around 0.2 % or 2 grams per liter of water for 100 seedlings . Fertilizer was applied through the leaves by spraying the seedlings older than one month or have had three leaves . The frequency of fertilization is done once a week ( Sunarko , 2009) .G. Protection and SelectionPests and diseases during in prenursery usually no . If there is , can be eradicated by using a hand- drawn (hand picking ) . The disease that comes from a fungus can be controlled with fungicides that are sold in the market , such as Dithane , Sevin , and Anthio accordance with the recommended dose ( Sunarko , 2009) .Selection is done before the seedlings were moved to the main nursery . Selection of seedlings in prenursery aims to find the stray seeds . Seeds can be caused by aberrant genetic factors , mechanical damage , pests and diseases , as well as errors of technical culture . At the age of three months , the normal oil palm seedlings usually leafy strands 3-4 and has a perfect shape . Reduction sprouts seedlings from accepted to be transferred to the main nursery can reach 12 % or more . Seedlings that die must first be removed , and then the seeds are not normally have to be destroyed . Characteristics of oil palm seedlings abnormal as follows .1 . Children narrow and elongated leaves as leaf weeds (narrow leaves )2 . Child leaves are rolled towards the longitudinal ( rolled leaves )3 . Elongated seedling growth ( erreted ) , rotated ( twisted shoot ) , stunted growth , weak , and slow ( insufficient growth , dwarfish )4 . The leaves are matted ( crinkled ) , the child leaves not inflate , rounded , and tapered ( collante )5 . Damaged by disease canopy ( crown disease)Abnormal seedling growth also occurred due to a technical fault culture . Here are a few technical errors that led to the planting of seedlings to grow abnormally ( Sunarko , 2009) .1 . Planting sprouts inverted , leaves will be planted downward .2 . Sprouts planted too deep or too late Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesiaso that the growth of shallow roots that hang .3 . Soil containing rock ( not filtered ) , thus disturbing the roots4 . The soil is too wet , since water is not wasted on plastic bags or watering is not perfect ( too hard and much or too little ) .H. Transportation SeedTransportation or delivery of seedlings from the nursery to the main prenursery babybag insert inside a wooden box measuring 66.5 x 42 x 27.5 cm . Each can contains 35 wooden crates of seedlings . Transportation must be careful and seeds should be planted in the main nursery ( Sunarko , 2009) .
2.4.2 . Main NurseryA. Determination of Location
The location should be near or in a large roadside , so that the transport of seeds and supervision easier . The location should be free of inundation or flooding and close to a water source for watering . Discharge and quality of available water should be good . Average nursery area as much as possible or have a maximum slope of 5 % , the open or terrain and ground to the topsoil layer is thick enough . The layout of the location close to the main nursery area planted and should be away from the source of pests and diseases ( Sunarko , 2009) .B. Broad , Lay Out , and Stake
One hectare nursery nursery play can provide seedlings for planting around 50-60 hectares of land . After the flattened area using heavy equipment , as well as to take the topsoil , specify and create a road network , ditches , and drainage ( drainage ) . Create lay out plots or beds elongated east-west direction . Length of dam width adapted to field conditions and irrigation networks ( Sunarko , 2009) .C. IrrigationIrrigation network is needed as a means of irrigation for watering seedlings in the nursery play . Tools and materials for watering systems must be installed and ready for use prior to planting . Installation in the main nursery watering as follows :1 . Manually , using the river water is sucked from the water pump and supplied to nurseries through pipes and hoses .2 . Sprinkler pipe stem , main pipes , and pipe distribution .3 . Every connection comes terpasng stand pipes that stand and end equipped with a nozzle that emits water on a rotating basis . Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia 4 . Each distribution has a 8-9 sprinkler pipe within 9-18 meters .5 . Water needs of about 75 m3 / ha / day , 30-40 % efficiency with a water -powered pump 45 psi . strength of 18-20 horse power pump for 8 acres of nursery ( Sunarko , 2009) .

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