Sunday, May 4, 2014

Animal Feed Ingredients

Thanks to the content of protein, fat and mineral levels,
Obat pembesar penis vimax earthworms can be used as animal feed such as poultry, fish , crayfish and frogs .
Raw material for medicine and healing ingredients .
Earthworm traditionally believed to ease fever , lower blood pressure, cure bronchitis, rheumatic arthritis, toothache , and typhus .
Cosmetic Raw Materials
Worms can be processed to be used as a skin moisturizer and raw materials manufacture lipstick .
Human food
The worm is a potential source of protein for human consumption included as material as any beef or chicken .

Land as worms live media should contain organic matter in large amounts .
Organic materials can be derived from the soil litter ( leaf drop ) , cattle feces or dead plants and animals . Earthworms love simple materials decompose because it is more easily digested by the body.
For good growth , earthworms need the land to a neutral or slightly acid pH around 6 to 7.2 . With these conditions , the bacteria in the earthworm body work optimally to provide decay or fermentation .
Humidity is optimal for growth and earthworm perkembangbiakan between 15-30 %.
The temperature required for the growth of earthworms and cocoons hatching is around 15-25 degrees C or lukewarm . Temperatures higher than 25 degrees C, the original is still good enough shade and optimal humidity .
Location rearing earthworms cultivated for easy handling and oversight and not exposed to direct sunlight , such as under a shady tree , next to the house or in a specific column ( permanently ) the roof is made ​​of materials that do not make light and keep warm.

Completion of Facility and Equipment
Manufacturing shed should use materials that are cheap and easy to like bamboo , thatch, container board , ijuk and clay tile . One example of a permanent enclosure for large-scale farms are the size of 1.5 x 18 m by 0.45 m high . Made therein tiered shelves as maintenance platforms . Buildings can also shed without walls ( open building ) .
Kontes Seo 2014  Farming system models , among others, remaining shelves , boxes stacked , tiered or fishing rod lined ..
Preparations needed in the cultivation of earthworms is meramu media grows , providing superior seeds , preparing the stables worms and protective enclosures .
Seed Selection Candidate Master

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