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YG ripe popular as "tables", in addition to desserts as well as pensuplai nutrition / nutrition, especially vitamin A & C. papaya fruit ripening Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia tender should be treated as a ration such as papaya extract, papaya DODOL. viewed in the food industry papaya is often used as raw material manufacturing (mixer) ie tomato sauce for flavor enhancer, color & vitamins.
In the food industry, its roots can be used as a medicinal cure kidney & bladder pain.
Leaves as medicinal remedies of malaria, stomach cramps & fever. Even young leaves tasty dilalap & to increase appetite, and can cure the disease beri-beri & to arrange the chicken feed.
Young fruit stems & leaves contain a white latex YG containing protein splitting enzyme-called "papaine" up to melunakan meat to be used in cosmetics & beverage industry (clarifier), the pharmaceutical industry & Textile.
Miniate papaya flowers are arranged & white can be used as a "flower necklace" substitute jasmine or often made urap. The bark can be used as cattle feed mixer through the process of slicing & pengeringanu. [Benefits of papaya]
4. SENTRA PLANTING papaya In Indonesia, papaya plants scattered everywhere even has a plant compound. Senrta papaya cultivation in Indonesia West Java province (Sukabumi district), East Java (Malang regency), Pasar Kramat Jati Jakarta, Yogyakarta (Sleman), Central Lampung, South Sulawesi (Toraja), North Sulawesi (Manado).
5. GROWING CONDITIONS papaya 5.1. Climate

Wind takes untukpenyerbukan flowers. Tidakterlalu blustery wind is suitable for plant growth.
Papaya plants thrive in the bush have the legal rainfall 1000-2000 mm / year.
Optimum air temperature 22-26 degrees C.
The humidity is around 40%.
5.2. Planting Media

Frontage to plant papaya is rounder fertile land & lots containing humus. Land should be a lot of hype to withstand water &.
The degree of acidity of the soil (soil pH Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia ) who ideal is neutral with a pH of 6-7.
The water content of the soil is a prerequisite viewed viewed this plant life. Stagnate water can invite fungal diseases of crops withered roots to the vandal (dead). Upon dehydration, the name will tamanan thin, leaf, flower & fruit loss. High ideally not more dead water viewed from 50-150 cm from the ground.

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