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oth in and happen outside the State, it is in sebabkankarna the basic ingredients derived from plants that contain no adverse effects on health when in kosumsi in the form of food or medicines, as well as its use in non-food industries and berbaai other industries increasingly widespread as cosmetics, ceramic paint, paper and others
BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOTE. So that is a compound of Hindrokaloid Seaweed Gel has great strength, is mainly produced By Red Ganggeng of Gracilaria sp, in general order used by the food industry in the form of Jelly, Ice Crean canned candied bread and so on, other benefits are to bring together materials for making sausages and can reduce the fat and cholesterol.
F. Seaweed contains carbohydrates (sugar Vegetable GUM) Protein less fat and ash which is largely a compound of salt and calories, but it contains vitamins like vitamin 'A, B1, B2, B6, B12, and C, Beta Carotene and essential minerals such as calcium and iron, when compared to plants and vegetable crops Land, Proteinya Seaweed is very high.
2. Prospects trade
Seaweed market share in foreign countries is getting brighter, such as Hong Kong, South Korea, France Britain, Canada, Japan and the union Amirika in some other industrialized countries, making the country the largest produkser Fiipina, and Indonesia can make komonitas mainstay Commodities TSB as a foreign exchange earner State in 2003, Volume Indonesian seaweed in the form of Dry reached 40 162 tons, the USS Value 20,511,027, as compared with yr Export Volume, 1999, amounted to 25 084 tons during the Seaweed Export i999 Decade - 2003 was the development of 13.97% per year (Anonymous 2005) Seaweed increasing market demand, particular trigger will berkembannya Seaweed cultivation in Indonesia.3. Utilization farms for cultivation of Gracilaria sp seaweed, milkfish and Tiger Shrimp (Poikultur).
Requirements for Seaweed Cultivation of Gracilaria sp. As follows;1. Perbaiakan and sluice-making, strengthening / compaction embankment (no leaks)2. Preparation of pond for Spreading (planting) Seaweed Gracilaria sp3. Spreading Seaweed Gracilaria sp.4. Maintenance Seaweed Gracilaria sp5. Nurseries Gacilaria6. Harvest and post-harvest7. Transportation8. Social and Human Resources (Society of resources). Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik TerpercayaRepair and manufacture of waterways PrimaryPonds for aquaculture Seaweed Gracilaria sp yan either Yak; ponds are still influenced by; tidal water, with the intention of facilitate replacement of the water in the pond in need of a major saluaran berfunsi fetch water from the stream or river (Paluh) where the water is brackish, the main channel consists of the channel intake (Inlet) channel spending (out let) water must separated in different places water is taken from one corner of the pond can be disposed at an angle other.
So that fresh water can reach a wide gamut of major saluaran (SU) incoming water conditions (inclusive) of the river into a pool in try not too murky, the main channel is described as the lifeblood of the area suatau aquaculture, through the main sauran brackish water from Paluh / stream supplied to the unit is the unit of pond aquaculture therefore perhitung SU should be in it so that the volume of water entering water sufficient for the entire pond is available, but it is also borne berpungsi mngendapkan lunpur entered before keunit circulate pond.
Can use 8-inch PVC pipe sluice sebaai main channel of the river / Paluh kewaduk and from the reservoir into the unit pond cultivation, use this modified pipes in contact with the pipe system Gravity Shake or system, its shape is simple and the cost of procurement is very Efficient paralon door bia and much cheaper compared to other jening made of concrete and wood work like this way using the principle that water is always flat surface
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014 in any setting where water is easily done by removing and replacing the PVC pipe through the main pipe Elbow mechanism in the functioning of such systems U pips on natural science subjects (IPA) and Physics Yk;

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