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Food and Eating Habits

Food and Eating Habits Abalone shells merpakan herbivorous animals, the plan
t-eating animals, and actively feeding on the dark atmosphere. Type of seaweed / macro algae growing in the sea is very diverse. Broadly speaking there are 3 groups of seaweed / macro algae that live in the sea, namely; 1) macro red algae (Red seaweeds), 2) brown algae (Brown seaweeds), and 3) green algae (Green seaweed). The following species / types of seaweed abalone shells that can be used as food, namely:
CHAPTER III RAISING SHELLS ABALONE (Haliotis asinina) USING KJA 3.1 Means At KJA Methods Facilities required in KJA method is as follows: 1 container in the form of units of cages that can be made of wood or bamboo fitted anchor made of steel or concrete. 2 Containers made of waring maintenance. 3 Means of transport, such as; boat or canoe. 4. working tool, are like; scales, hammers and saws. 5. Guard house, used for security. 3.2. Site Selection Abalone shells live on the coral sandy beach surrounding and rarely even there dimuara river. This is going to be a major consideration in choosing the location of abalone shellfish cultivation. Therefore, not all locations can be used as a cultivation of abalone shells. In addition to the location, a very important factor to consider is the safety factor. The safety factor is one determinant in the success of any business activity undertaken. The location is ideal but if it does not support the safety factors will result in losses as a result of theft and this will result in substantial losses.

POKERPELANGI.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAAbalone shellfish aquaculture site selection by KJA method is in principle the same as site selection on grouper aquaculture duck (Cromileptes altivelis) by KJA system. Therefore, the cultivation of abalone shells can be carried along with the humpback grouper fish in the net of a different or separate. The location requirements are as follows: 1 natural disturbance factor. ·

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