Tuesday, July 8, 2014


https://www.facebook.com/Banyumas.Nugroho12414 LITTLE SEED AND ORDER (4 tree only) ORIGINAL AND MANY Ensure seeds only in breeding centers Durian Montong Bawor "National Pilot" in Banyumas, Central Java, Indotophosting.com Hosting Unlimited dan Domain Murah Terbaik di IndonesiaContact : (CALL / SMS) to Bpk.Nugroho: 0813-1460-0094 (Telkomsel / Whatsapp), 085-6261-3096 (Indosat), 0877-1949-2097 (XL), BB PIN 228DFAE1, www.bibitbuahdurian.com Here Is a Plant Cultivation Techniques Petai:

The selection of seeds, plant seeds will grow well superior, disease-resistant and have a satisfactory yield. The selection of seeds can be obtained from seeds or from the system paste / grafting.
Preparing land for planting hole with a size of 40 x 40 cm with a depth of 40 cm. Give manure as fertilizer 10 cm thick base, let it dry and evaporate in order not penas at the time of planting.
Planting, 6-month-old seedlings are ready to be moved. Most appropriate planting during the rainy season are banar already arrived. Select seedlings with old leaves, not planting seedlings germinate seedlings when young. Go to the basket or polybag wrapper ground seeds, being careful not to rupture the ground. Planting seeds with soil and piled then condense. Stockpiling not to cover ex-grafting because it can lead to fungus. Last flush the soil so that the soil pores tightly so that no evaporation.
Fertilization, after a 4 month old plants did fertilization with manure. You do this by digging the soil around the plant and include fertilizer and soil stockpiling.
Harvest, banana plants grow well if would be able to producing after 3-4 years. After a 25-year-old banana plants must be rejuvenated.

sakaupoker.com agen poker online texas poker yang terpercayaThus information on the Cultivation Techniques Petai, this information may be useful for you and good luck. Finally, it remains hijaukan our Earth. Until the banana cultivation in monoculture was, the land below the main plant stands, it still could be seasonal plants, without lowering the level of productivity too much. Almost all crops can be grown under banana stand. But the peanut crop, taro and empon-empon, is the best alternative. Corn is less favorable, as would Productivity is very low, while it will decrease the productivity of cassava banana. Peanuts is quite good, because it would increase the fertility of the land, with the arrest of nitrogen directly from the air.
Petai seed grafting with scions clones, many produced by breeders. Especially in Central Java and Lampung. Ideally, the seed will be planted in the ground already is 1.5 m. The price of seed sizes, ranging from Rp 50.000, - sd. Rp 100.000, -. In purchase in large quantities, the price could be a little lower. If you want a little light, can buy seed size under 50 cm, with a price of Rp 10,000, - sd. Rp 20.000, - sowing with intensive care, until it reaches a height of 1.5 m. That's when the seed was moved to the field, at the beginning of the rainy season.

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