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Preparation Facility and Equipment

Preparation Facility and Equipment
Temperature, Humidity and Lighting
House to swallow the cage should have a temperature, humidity and lighting similar to natural caves. Natural cave temperature ranges between 24-26 degrees C and 80-95% humidity ±. Setting conditions of temperat
Coat the ceiling with thick husk 2 ° Cm
Creating channels or pools of water in the building.
Using vent pipe shape of an "L" that berjaraknya 5 m of the hole, a diameter of 4 cm.
Shut the door, window and holes unused.
In and out of the holes were given prophylactic funnel-shaped beam of burlap or black cloth so that the state of the building will be darker. Swallow dark atmosphere is preferred.
Shape and Building Construction
Generally, the swallow such a large building, the breadth varying from 10x15 to 10x20 m 2 m 2. The higher wuwungan (ridge) and the greater the distance between wuwungan and ceiling, the better and preferably swiftlet houses swiftlets. The house should not be covered by tall trees. Wall of the building was made of plaster walls while the outer part of the cement mixture. The inside walls should be made of a mixture of sand, lime and cement in the ratio 3:2:1 which is very good for controlling temperature and humidity. To reduce the smell of cement can be watered every day. Framework of the roof and insulation were attached nests are made of solid wood, an old and long-lasting, durable, not easily eaten Rengat. The roof is made of tiles. Building a swallow needs to be complemented with roving room as the swirling and resting room as a place to rest and nest. Out of the hole where the bird-sized 20x20 or 20x35 cm 2 were made at the top. The number of holes depends on the needs and condition of the building. It is not a hole facing east and the walls painted black hole.
Generally swiftlet farmers do accidentally. Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercaya A large bird that circled the building used by the farmers. To lure the birds so much more, homeowners prepare a tape recorder containing sound recordings swallow. There is also conducting stacking straw that produces small insects as a food ingredient swiftlet.
Seed Selection and Prospective Parent
As a parent bird sriti swallow been cultivated to want to nest in the new building. Sriti way to lure birds to enter in the new building with the use of tape or sriti wuara swallow. Screening was conducted at 4:00 p.m. to 18:00 hours, ie the time foraging bird back.
Seed treatment and Prospective Parent
In the swiftlet farming, need to be prepared to swallow the eggs hatched in nests of sriti. Eggs can be obtained from the owner of the building who was doing a swallow "the egg harvest waste way". Harvesting is carried out after the birds' nests and lay eggs to make two points. Swallow eggs retrieved and then discarded nest taken. The eggs are removed in the harvest can be used to repopulate the birds' nest menetaskannya in sriti.
Choosing Swallow Eggs
Eggs were harvested consisted of 3 kinds of colors, namely:
Pink, new eggs out of the cloaca parent aged 0-5 days.
Reddish white, aged 6-10 days.
White thick blackish, near the time
Banteng88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET-IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014 of hatching 10-15 days old.
Elliptical swallow eggs, the size of 2,014 x1, 353 cm with a weight of 1.97 grams. Characteristic of a good egg should look fresh and should not be stayed except in the incubator. Have good eggs

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